How to Get In Front of The People Who Are Looking for What YOU Offer

It was 1:30am four days before Christmas. I was 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby and on strict orders to do… nothing. My oldest was just a few weeks away from turning two. I woke up for a routine middle-of-the-night bathroom break (IYKYK) and right after I sat down, I heard a pop and a gush. My water had broken.

Fast forward 2 hours and my husband and my newborn preemie baby were on their way to the NICU, waiting for the neonatal doctor to tell us whether or not our sweet baby boy would be able to stay at the hospital we were at or if he would need to be life flighted to the nearest pediatric hospital.

A few weeks earlier, I had started a new social media marketing agency. And it was going well… like REALLY well. My plan had been to create content for my clients while I was on bedrest, get ahead a few weeks and then have my baby, be able to take some maternity leave and then come back better than ever.

And then Charlie was born and everything changed. I ended up not taking a maternity leave, but working from the NICU.

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Because I had to. I didn’t have anyone else that could do my job for me. I didn’t feel like I could outsource any of the jobs that needed to be done in order to rest and be with my little family. I was scared that I would lose all of my clients that I had worked so hard to get over the last few months. I didn’t want my business to suffer because if my business suffered then we wouldn’t be able to cover all of our bills.

Why am I telling you this story? Because life doesn’t stop and our businesses don’t stop. Even when we’re going through the hardest of hards. We still have bills to pay. We still have clients to serve.But what happens when we have nothing left to give? Our businesses suffer, and then our families suffer because we aren’t able to provide for them in the ways that we want to. We aren’t able to show up for them in the ways that we need to. Because we feel like we have to do it all. When in reality, we don’t have to do it all!! In fact, often times, the tasks that we feel like we have to do ourselves can be done BETTER by someone else. And when we take those tasks off of our never-ending to-do lists, we are able to better serve our clients and spend MORE time with our families!

Contrary to popular opinion, small business owners DON’T have to create all of their content. You DON’T have to go viral in order to have a successful business. You just have to get in front of the RIGHT people; the people who are looking for what YOU offer.

And that’s what we specialize in here at Sadie Banks Co. Our goal is to get you in front of the people who are literally looking and searching for what you have to offer. We focus on creating reels and content that introduces your offers, educates them on how your offers can help them and then finally converts them from a follower to a client to a raving fan!We know our strategy works because it’s worked for multiple clients! We’ve been able to replicate our content strategy’s success over and over again. The best news? We have an open slot that’s ready for you to fill it.

Let’s talk through your options over the phone. You can tell me all about your business and goals and together, we can discuss which package option is right for you!

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