3 Tips for Improving Your Instagram Reels

I think that we’ve all finally come to terms with the fact that Instagram Reels aren’t going away any time soon. And as a small business owner, that can be REALLY frustrating because you already feel like you’re in a shouting match to just be SEEN, let alone compete and succeed in business. You’ve got a mile long to-do list and a backlog of content ideas, but you just can’t seem to get it to all come together the way that you hope. And then when you finally DO post a reel, it flops and only gets 35 views.

Did I just describe your experience with Reels perfectly? (and honestly, it stung a little? 😖) I get it. Because I was in your shoes. That’s why today, I’m sharing 3 Tips for Improving Your Instagram Reels!

Tip #1: Use Text Overlays

I see a TON of small business owners go wrong by simply trying to post a video without text or any sort of context. This is a HUGE mistake because it means that you’re relying on the TINY percentage of people who see that video to watch, engage and then interact with that video to signal to Instagram to continue pushing that video out.

Did you know that Instagram’s algorithm can’t actually SEE your content? The text overlays on your video provide Instagram’s algorithm with information about what your video is about and WHO to show it to. When you post without text overlays, it’s like you’re posting a blank video to the algorithm. Which forces the algorithm to guess who to show your video to.

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Tip #2: Write Educational Captions

I know, I know. It’s easier to just write a cheeky caption and move on. A quick little pun that’s sure to get a chuckle? Guess who’s not chuckling… the algorithm. Why? Because it’s a robot and it doesn’t understand humor.

When you write educational captions, you’re going to see more of an increase to your reels views AND more conversions from those reels because you’re not only providing your audience with useful information, but you’re telling the algorithm exactly who to show your content to.

Tip #3: Utilize Hashtags

Let’s clear this up right now: hashtags are NOT for increasing views.


Hashtags are for CATEGORIZING your content. They tell the Instagram Algorithm who your content is for, what your content is about, and where your content is located. So use hashtags that are descriptive of what you do, who you serve and where you’re located!

Give these tips a try and tag @sadiebanks.co when you do! I want to cheer you on in your reels creation!

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